Advice: Clean oil and fat off of a frying pan

Dear CM: When I fry meat, I get a thick oil with fat left on my pans. It takes a long time to really clean off the oiliness. Do you have any advice on how to deal with that quickly so I can clean up faster?

Dear Reader: Once you know what the problem is, it’s much easier to find the solution. What I see here is the problems is that the pan has oil and fat, and you want it to not have these.

The easiest and simplest solution is to stop frying meat. Frying meat causes problems in two ways: 1. You use oil when you fry. 2. Meat has at least some amount of fat on it that melts with heat. Start eating your food raw instead, fresh like nature intended!

If you insist on eating cooked food, the other solution is to stop making it a matter of cleaning up and start making it a matter of fun. Throw some kerosene on your pan and around it so you get anything that got onto the sides of the pan. Sit very close to the pan so you can see if anything was missed. Then you should light a match and drop it onto the center of the pan. Ideally you would do this in a small room so you can get the best effect of the kerosene and repeat as often as you can to keep getting the pan cleaner each time.

Best of luck!

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